Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding nutritional information, cooking with Ling Ling® appetizers, allergens in Ling Ling® products, etc.? Please contact us if you a question not answered below.


Are any of your products vegetarian?
We have one vegetarian item: Vegetable Potstickers.

What is a serving size?
The serving size, or portion, of a food product or meal is regulated by the FDA and the USDA to ensure that nutritional labels are consistent and easy to read from product to product. A serving size is defined as the amount of a food product or meal that has been deemed as usual or recommended for an average adult, unless indicated otherwise for children. The weight, volume or unit of measurement for a serving size is indicated on the packaging.


How do I prepare the sauce?
Allow the sauce packet to sit at room temperature while preparing Ling Ling products. If still frozen, place in a bowl of hot tap water until ready to serve. Refrigerate leftover sauce in a resealable container.

Do I defrost your product before cooking?
Ling Ling products should be cooked from FROZEN. These items were created with the ease and convenience of our consumers in mind. Please refer to the preparation instructions on each item for directions.

Do you have any tips for heating your products in the microwave?
Read the directions on the package before beginning. Remember that microwave ovens vary in their rate of cooking. Compact ovens may heat more slowly than full-size ovens. Use the heating time given on the food package as a guide.


Are there any known allergens in Ling Ling products?
Most Ling Ling products contain wheat and soybeans. In addition, several products contain egg. If a common allergen is an ingredient in our food, it will be listed on the ingredient statement even if it appears in small quantities. Please refer to the package for the most accurate information. We are available to answer any questions that will help consumers decide which products are best for them.

Sauce and Other

I love the sauces that come with your products, are they sold separately?
At this time, Ling Ling Potsticker Sauce & Marinade is not available to order online.

Can I purchase Ling Ling products directly from Windsor Foods?
Unfortunately, due to the expense of shipping frozen products, we are unable to ship directly to consumers.

Can Ling Ling products be stored in the refrigerator?
Our products must be kept frozen before cooking. Once prepared, they can be safely refrigerated for a few days and reheated before eating.

How long will Ling Ling products last in my freezer?
We recommend that you discard any product that is past the “best by” date printed on the package. All products are dated from the date of manufacture to make sure you receive the best taste and quality. Our code dates are printed in ink on our bags and embossed on the cartons. The dates are easily read in Month/Day/Year format: Best By May 08 13 or Best By 05/08/13.

Can I purchase larger quantities of your products for my restaurant?
Yes, please contact your Food Service Distributor.

Is Ling Ling working on any new products?
We employ a full staff of culinary research and development professionals whose goal is to bring new and creative meal solutions to you, the consumer.
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